About SesameKid

We at SesameKid.com want to be your new home of fashion for babies, toddlers and young kids. We are not your average clothes site. We review top names such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Dior, but also many other less known brands.

I, personally, am dedicated to bringing parents and prospective parents the best advice possible to giving their child a leg up in the world through their dress. As a parent myself I know the joys of sending a well dressed kid into their first day of kindergarten or first grade. The other parents will be amazed that the kid is not only having fun, but looking good doing it.

SesameKid.com is not only for clothes. We also bring attention to the most popular decorations, the most fun and educational devices, the most useful furniture, and the hottest toys for babies, toddlers and young kids. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon. I’m Cindy Tailor.

You can join us by email at:

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